Regular treatments can keep your nails tidy & improve their appearance.  They can also help the nails grow & stay strong.

Manicures - Tired of hiding those hands? Get a manicure!

Choose from: File and paint or a luxury manicure

Why not reduce the drying time and add on a Gelish polish - no waiting around for the polish to dry!!


Pedicures - Have the elements been unkind to your feet? Relax and enjoy a pedicure & get your feet back to looking their best.

Choose from: File and paint or a luxury pedicure, why not add Gelish?


All pedicures are done with the amazing Footsie Bath. It is like no other pedi bowl, it has no nooks and crannies that could potentially harbour germs and spread unwanted disorders. Each client has a brand new disposable liner which is discarded after the treatment, highly reducing the risk of cross infection.